Botham Jean’s family says he did not know or have a

    3 days ago · Botham Jean’s family doesn’t think Officer Amber Guyger is telling the whole story about what happened and reveals how he distinguished his apartment from others

    Evidence released in Botham Jean slaying prompts …

    3 days ago · Crime-scene evidence from Botham Jean’s apartment supports Dallas police Officer Amber Guyger’s account that she shot Jean from across the room…

    So what if Botham Jean had 10.4 grams of marijuana in …

    2 days ago · The trial of Botham Jean is officially underway. Despite being gunned down in his own apartment — by an off-duty police officer now charged with manslaughter — the -year-old Dallas resident

    Botham Jean’s supporters march to Dallas Cowboys …

    9 hours ago · Lee Merritt, the attorney for the family of Botham Jean, led the symbolic funeral procession that included organized buses, at least one hearse, caskets and a motorcade.

    Tragic encounter between Botham Jean and Dallas …

    8 days ago · Mourners filled the pews of Dallas West Church of Christ as they gathered to remember -year-old Botham Jean. Family and friends still struggled to understand how the young accountant’s life

    Amber Guyger Botham Shem Jean Police – National …

    Officer Amber Guyger’s killing of Botham Shem Jean is an unspeakable tragedy. It also highlights the need for officers like Guyger to face impartial justice.

    Lawyer claims that police seized pot to smear Botham Jean

    3 days ago · Officials found marijuana in Botham Jean apartment, where he was allegedly shot by an off-duty police officer. But a lawyer says the search shows that police are attempting to discredit Jean.

    Remembering Botham Jean, Who Was Killed by a Dallas …

    Brandt Jean, center left, brother of shooting victim Botham Jean, hugs his sister Allisa Charles-Findley, during a news conference outside the Frank Crowley Courts Building, in Dallas, Texas, on

    Botham Shem Jean Funeral, Viewing Time, Location For …

    5 days ago · Family and friends were preparing the funeral services for Botham Shem Jean less than a week after the -year-old Black man was gunned down in his own home.

    Botham Jean’s Lawyer Says Dallas PD is Trying to – …

    2 days ago · Botham Jean’s lawyer says even though he was killed in his own home, he’s being set up to look like a bad guy by cops. Botham Jean’s lawyer says even though he was killed in his own home, he’s

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